Vario Techno modifikasi

Honda Vario Techno Ala Captain America is a modification of Water Bras with high imagination so fit and steady so nobody knows diperhatikan.Pasti baseball, cartoon characters Captain America Marvel alert what ya make it up to pursue criminals. Because in the story, would all of a sudden he was there at the scene, aka the scene. Well, it could be any superhero action aja nyemplak Nawfal's Honda Vario Arif Ramadan.

"I want my bike Honda Vario Techno CBS Ala Captain dominant American motif. But, in fact no relationship with Captain America, "said the man who lives in Cibinong.

Certainly not the case difficult Naufal demand for people is the successor Hidayatulloh.Dia Farid behind this skubek. "According to the United States flag colors. But the star symbol is placed in the middle of the body. To be immediately apparent despite the impression of America at a glance, "open the modifier of the Em Tech on Jl. KH Muh Hasan 1, Maruyung, Cinere, Depok.

Airbrush on Honda Vario Techno Ala Captai America's familiarly called Emen modifier is indeed very fitting. That's because the body is supported Vario CBS is also supported. But the key to a successful placement of accents so American style Nawfal meet demand.

Especially white dominance right at the bottom of the body and front fender. That adds to the impression of sweetness even simple treatment. While performance is represented by an elegant touch of color around the rim and chrome handlebars.

Supports the view so much gress, the wheels also got a touch. Replaced the front tires wear larger sizes. "Now use 140/60-14. Moderate 160/60-14 rear tire, "said modifier is also gape of the fiberglass body makes it.

Use larger tires, the look changed. Although the wheel is wider, so it is safer for the maneuver. Emen re-create a new front fender that better fitting. "The shape is exactly like a dolphin's head. Also been added sokbreker cover on the side. In order not to cripple the tires are already larger than the standard, "sure Emen.

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